Earthquakes -Prepare for Catastrophes

It is indeed terrifying to be struck by catastrophe but when such a situation occurs we need a plan for immediate evacuation, provisions, communication, and transport to save the family. The children must know what to do in such situations or if they are too small they have to be reached. However, an efficient plan can be developed by having the necessary resources available all the time.

Black Swans and Too Big to Fail

   One of the most intriguing arguments among many that Nassim Taleb presents in his book The Black Swan is that unexpected events occur very frequently in reality, whereas many academic and economic theories lock us into the idea that these events are rare exceptions that present a momentary speed bump in a continuous spiral of upward economic expansion caused by their abstruse

Black Swans, Bailouts, and Nationalization

In the fascinating Black Swan by Nassim Taleb, the author describes how the economic theories on which our current society are based are flawed to the core because they are based on the idea that everything is always entirely predictable at all times, and anything exceptional is limited and can be largely disregarded.

The Architects of the Black Swan as its Perpetuators

    As you read further into Nassim Taleb’s bestselling book The Black Swan, the author will introduce you not only to the idea of Black Swans (that is, unexpected events that have a major impact on human affairs) but to the notion that theoretical experts in a field are likely to cause and prolong the damage caused by these accidents of fate.

Incentive Bonuses as a Nest of Black Swans

Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan is a detailed and far-reaching book, arguing against the twin forces of narrow, dogmatic views and ivory tower complacency on the part of economists and leaders that has sent the American economy crashing squarely into a garbage chute of disruption and depression.