About Us

This web site is run by a loose network of historians, students and history buffs with an especial interest in the stories and events surrounding the American Civil War. We originally came together through forums and discussion groups both live and on the Internet, eventually deciding to form our own small web site in order to share our thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world. We are especially interested in reviewing new and emerging literature regarding the American Civil War; you will find a list of reviews and appraisals of current works on the right hand side of the page. All views expressed are our own and we endeavour to make clear any conflicts of interest if and when they might arise.

We are always looking to improve, both in our appreciation of the American Civil War’s history as well as in our writing and Internet presence. In particular, we welcome suggestions for literature to review and improvements we might make to how we operate as a group. Students and enthusiasts may also like to contact us for additional leads and sources which might be of interest for your research projects or specific areas of expertise. We ask you to direct all correspondence through our “About Us” page, accessible from the top left of the site. A member of our team will contact you regarding your message as soon as possible, which may take from a day or two to a few weeks at longest.

We hope your time on this site is of assistance to you, and wish you well in your future research and reading on the American Civil War and history in general. Stay sharp!