American Civil War Books

The American Civil War may have only lasted four years, but they were four years of some of the most intense conflict and turmoil that the nascent country had ever seen. From 1861 to 1865, the United States split into two over the burning issue of slavery and its abolition, with individual states being torn apart at the seams by the divide between the positions of Confederates and Unionists. Men from the same families would find themselves on opposing sides of the battlefield, and the skirmishes and battles fought would go down in history as not only some of the bloodiest and fiercest in America’s history, but also as the most pivotal moments in reshaping the United States into the country we know it as today. As the only civil war in the nation’s history – and the deadliest conflict to ever shake the country – the American Civil War is a highly charged piece of history which continues to have relevance in today’s world.

We at American Civil War Books believe that continuing education and research into this pivotal period of history is crucial, not only for better understanding the conflict and its ramifications but also so we might learn from the mistakes of our forefathers. We believe too that this aim is best served by the publication and promotion of quality literature which investigates all aspects – not just the fighting and politics – of the American Civil War, with a particular focus on the lesser-covered facets of life and society during the conflict. By critically examining and reviewing books and papers which cover the American Civil War, we hope to give readers a better idea of the quality and utility of current scholarly work. We will only ever recommend books which are well-researched and bring new and insightful perspectives to what is already an expansive field of scholarly research. Similarly, we are suspicious of books which cover ground already trodden by other researchers.

As one of the seminal moments in the growth of the United States of America, the American Civil War both tore the young nation apart yet fused it back together, stronger than ever before. The Civil War touched all aspects of life, bringing about great pain and loss yet also moments of heroism, courage, and humility on both sides of the war. As historians, scholars and American citizens, we believe there is a wealth of knowledge both factual and anecdotal to be drawn from literature on the Civil War. We hope you find the reviews and opinions here of some use, and urge you to pursue your interest in America’s history through whatever means are open to you.