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The Black Swan Book – Taleb’s Reminder of Ancient Wisdom

In a way, Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s book – The Black Swan: the Impact of the Highly Improbable – is nothing new.

Retreat from Gettysburg

Retreat from Gettysburg is the beautiful description by Kent Masterson Brown about the notorious attack of the Federal Army by Lee in Gettysburg for three days in July 1863. Surprisingly, Lee was unsuccessful and retreated to Virginia. Considerable debate had occurred on the reasons for the success of Meade and the loss of Lee.

Jessie James: The Last Rebel of the Civil War

One of the most essential components of a good book review is an accurate overview of the book. Eileen Church’s review of “Jessie James: The Last Rebel of the Civil War” written by T. J. Styles does an admirable job of introducing the character of Jessie James. She aptly describes his childhood riddled with insecurities.

Beneath the Starry Flag

One of the salient points of a book review is that it presents potential readers with a perspective on a book. It is supposed to interweave the thoughts and feelings of the reviewer along with the actual contents of the book. Any good review would provide a brief overview of what the book is about along with what it is trying to convey. An ideal review would point out the thoughts and feelings of the reviewer on how the book is written, how it is presented, and even how well researched it is.

"A Grand Terrible Drama": From Gettysburg to Petersburg, The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed

The book presents an extraordinary case of selfless sacrifice and the gratitude that the soldiers pay to their comrades when faced with acute adversities on the battlefield. The book is comprehensive guide for students of Civil War. Charles Reed and John Bigelow were two such soldiers and comrades who paths crossed each other as destiny or the war would have it.