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The Advantages of Online Critiquing

One of the problems with gathering a group of people together in real life is that when five or six relative strangers are collected in a room repeatedly, and engage in conversations that tear apart each other’s work to some extent, some frictions are inevitable. These frictions may have nothing to do with the critiquing itself – the more people are together, the more likely it is that some personal habit of one participant will irritate another one, perhaps to the point of causing snide rejoinders or simply disruptive distractions.

A Balanced Approach to Critiquing

Many people assume that critiquing involves nothing more than “being critical” about the work that is being examined – pointing out its flaws, defects, and failings in detail, and saying nothing about its merits. “Constructive criticism” is all too often reduced to reciting a catalog of faults, without mention of the work’s or the author’s strong points.

Critiquing to Catch Gaps

No matter how fluently the words flow from the pen or the 2 3 4 5 6