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Crossroads of War: Washington County, Maryland in the Civil War

In her review of “Crossroads of War: Washington County, Maryland in the Civil War” by S. Roger Keller, Ellen Lyon paints a vivid picture of the book. She aptly describes the contents of the book, pointing out that the book is more about the experiences of the Episcopal priest Leighton Parks.

Fear Was Not In Him: A Review that Leaves One in the Dark

One usually looks for both the pros and cons of a book in a review. However, the review of “Fear Was Not in Him”: The Civil War Letters of Major General Francis C. Barlow, U. S. A. starts with a rather long biography of the Major General. It is not clear why the reviewer has included this information and where they obtained it from. It is only after providing a complete picture of the Major General that the reviewer mentions the main content of the book – the letters. This should have been the focus of the review, not something tagged on after the biography.

Bell: "MOSQUITO SOLDIERS: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the Course of the American Civil War"

Most of the people interested in Civil War in the United States and read books on them assume that maximum number of deaths occurred during the battles and skirmishes, with soldiers dying from bullets. However, a sad fact that many of these readers and general public are not aware of is that a much higher number of soldiers died to various diseases produced by the battle environment and different terrain in which these wars were fought. In his book, "MOSQUITO SOLDIERS: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the Course of the American Civil War", Andrew M.

Schafer: "THUNDER ON THE RIVER: The Civil War in Northeast Florida"

Daniel Schafer and Richard Martin wrote their first book,’ Jacksonville’s Ordeal by Fire: A Civil War History’ in 194. In 2010, Schafer had brought out ‘Thunder on the River’ as an updated version and an expanded continuation of the first book. Even though Schafer had covered a larger area in a triangular form, with the three points of the triangle being the towns of Mayport, Baldwin, and Palatka, the focus is significantly on Jacksonville again, the city on St. John’s River in Florida.

Michno: "THE DEADLIEST INDIAN WAR IN THE WEST: The Snake Conflict, 1864-1868"

‘Snakes’ was a crude amalgamation of the scattered Indian tribes of Bannocks, Paiutes, and Shoshonis that were residents of the Columbia Plateau and the Great Basin in the western United States. This was a large area that included parts of California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. These tribes were not part of any treaty and they were fed up with the encroachment on their livelihood by the thousands of while miners and immigrants invading their territory seeking new opportunities.