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"Out of the Mouth of Hell" Civil War Prisons and Escapes

“Out of the Mouth of Hell” Civil War Prisons and Escapes by Frances H. Casstevens is not just another book on prisoners and prison escapes. The author delves deep into the miserable conditions of the housing of prisoners and the complexities in their prison lives during the infamous Civil War.

American Civil War Books

The American Civil War may have only lasted four years, but they were four years of some of the most intense conflict and turmoil that the nascent country had ever seen. From 1861 to 1865, the United States split into two over the burning issue of slavery and its abolition, with individual states being torn apart at the seams by the divide between the positions of Confederates and Unionists.

About Us

This web site is run by a loose network of historians, students and history buffs with an especial interest in the stories and events surrounding the American Civil War. We originally came together through forums and discussion groups both live and on the Internet, eventually deciding to form our own small web site in order to share our thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world.

History of the Hampton Inn Chain of Hotels

Hampton Inn, Hampton Hotels, Hampton by Hilton and Hampton Inn & Suites, are all names of a brand of hotels running under the Hilton Worldwide trademark. Despite the fact that there are Hampton hotels still under the full management and ownership of the Hilton Hotels Corporation, most of the Hampton hotels today are independently owned and managed by franchisees. Note that all Hampton inn hotels marked Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton, in addition to the normal rooms found at a typical Hampton inn also offer suites.

How to Clean and disinfect Dog Kennels

 A clean chain link dog kennel is necessary for not only the health but also the safety of your precious pet. If you allow your dog to sleep in a dirty kennel, it could develop health complications because of germs, which needless to mention will mean several trips to the vet. When you want to clean your dog kennel, you should select a sunny day and take it outside for a thorough disinfecting scrub down.