Typical Schedule of Education in Bolivia

The Bolivian Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Southern America, sandwiched between Brazil on the East and North, Chile and Peru on the West, and Argentina and Paraguay on the South. Sadly, Bolivia is the second poorest country amongst Latin American countries, coming second to Haiti. A significant percentage of the population is poor, and an even tiny percentage is wealthy. People who can afford a private school avoid their public counterparts, most of which are poorly managed, and in dire need of materials, furnishings and infrastructure.

Still, what if BP's Oil Spill don't cap?

Dispersant toxicity Chemical dispersants are still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico despite the Environmental Protection Agency's order to BP to "significantly" scale back. Reports provided by the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command show that when the May 26 directive was issued, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said dispersant use should be cut by 75 percent. The highest recorded amount of dispersant used occurred on May 23, when 70,000 gallons were injected into the Gulf of Mexico.

What if: The BP Oil Spill doesn’t get capped?

Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP oil spill, BP oil disaster, Macondo blowout; no matter what name it goes by, it is an ongoing massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that began on April 20, 2010 and waited for the rescue to come. It is now July 8th, 2010 and the oil is still spilling into the environment and moving up the east coast. In 2006, BP had another oil spill in Prudhoe Bay. The wellhead provides structural and pressure containing interface whose purpose is to provide a pressure seal and suspension point.

Interpersonal Relations in a Critiquing Group

One of the advantages of an online critiquing group is that shyer, introverted people who might have some valuable insight to share are more likely to speak frankly when they are not in direct contact with four or five other individuals. They might remain silent in a group where all members were physically present, yet provide abundant input once the pressure of a real life social situation is removed.

Putting the Critiquing Group in Order

Once you have found all of the people whom your critiquing group will initially comprise, it is  necessary to determine how the group will work – when the group will “meet” online, the venue for these meetings, their length, the expectations involved in membership in the group, and so forth. In fact, you should have a loose but thorough framework thought out and written down before you begin searching for members.