Romania - a country full of traditional cuisines

A traditional meal of Romania may include appetizer, soup, fish, entrée, and dessert recipes. The appetizers include chesses, vegetable spreads and cold cuts while soups include ciorba taraneasca (vegetable soup), ciorba de burta (tripe soup) and ciorba de perisoare (soup & meatball recipe). Some popular fish dishes are saramura, nisetru la gratar, and scrumbie la grater.

Romanian Medical Degree | Sure Ticket to International Practice

 A high percentage of foreign students join Medicine Schools in Romania annually, to obtain medical degrees. They join directly, or through agents after becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Whatever the method of joining, students should be careful when selecting universities in Romania as there can be pitfalls.

Principle of ultrasonic metal welding

The workpieces are not heated to the melting point, but is welded by applying pressure and high frequency mechanical vibrations.
In contrast to the welding of plastics, mechanical vibrations used during ultrasonic metal welding are introduced horizontally.

MAG welding

MAG welding (Metal Active Gaswelding) is a type of welding that uses a chemically active shielding gas (carbon dioxide, argon, carbon dioxide over more oxygen or argon). The filler material has a very long rod-shaped and is provided continuously and automatically by the welding equipment.

It is used primarily for non-alloy steel or low alloy steel. Can not be used for welding stainless steel or aluminum or aluminum alloys.

It is similar to MIG welding, are distinguished in the protective gas used.

TIG welding

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), is characterized by the use of a permanent electrode tungsten alloy sometimes with thorium or zirconium in percentages not exceeding 2%.