Chai Tea: A Healthy Alternative to Coffee

There is little doubt that a large percentage of Americans is addicted to coffee. Even when health problems caused by caffeine came to light, many people found it difficult to give up their addiction. Your espresso maker lets you drinking coffee on a regular basis creates a stimulant/fatigue cycle that is hard to beat. The caffeine provides the body with stimulants and when their effect runs down, the body starts to feel fatigue and the need for more coffee. It is hardly surprising that many people drink as many as 20 cups of coffee every day. Now, finally, there is a healthy alternative to coffee- one that breaks the stimulant/fatigue cycle and provide the body with more than just stimulation. And, the alternative is none other than the ‘Chai tea’ from the Indian subcontinent.

Chai tea is essentially a blend of black tea leaves and a number of herbs and spices. It has been consumed in India for more than 4000 years. Its health benefits were outlined in the Ayurveda, their ancient medicinal treatise. Since then, the drink has been so favored in the country that it has become their ‘National Drink.’ The important thing is that all the health benefits outlined in the Ayurveda have now been proven as accurate by modern medical science.

So, what are the health benefits and why is it better than coffee? Chai tea offers many different health benefits. The tea is responsible for providing free radical fighting antioxidants to the body. It also helps revitalize the drinker and aids mental clarity. The herbs and spices in the chai tea provide other benefits like fighting fatigue and overcoming body aches. They help improve the blood circulatory, digestive, immunity and cardiovascular systems. They alleviate cold and cough symptoms. Some ingredients are even considered to be aphrodisiacs.

While tea does have some caffeine in it, it is substantially lesser than coffee. Depending on the type of tea you are having, it would take you 4-6 cups of tea to match the caffeine levels in one cup of coffee. Besides, coffee does not offer any of the other health benefits of tea.