Computer and internet technology

Computer and internet technology like web servers have become an inevitable part of our lives and no matter if we like them or not, we should accept the fact that they are important for us. Almost all things which you see and use everyday have been created thanks to computers and of course the internet technology has also played a big role in their creation. Many people neglect computers and avoid their usage, because according to them – “they control our lives”. Although computers, even the smallest laptop,  really influence our lives it is plain stupidity to say that they have taken control over every activity we perform. These types of technologies have a major influence in the country of Romania where they find wide usage.

Since the invention of computers which occurred in the middle of the 20th century there have been a lot of discussions about their use. It is good to know that the modern computers which you are used to seeing have almost nothing in common with the first prototypes of the computer. Nowadays computers can do absolutely everything and their opportunities are practically limitless, but their first prototypes were nothing like that. They were basically calculators which used more complex algorithms to do all the calculations. With time the computer and internet technology got improved and have found usage in absolutely every modern piece of technology you can think of.

Internet technology on the other hand was also invented shortly after the computer. In the beginning it wasn’t meant for wide usage and was instead used for military purposes. It was a piece of technology which connected numerous American military centers and radars which allowed easier communication and coordination. The Cold War was in its ultimate point when the internet was invented and it really gave Americans the upper hand. However the war was put to an end and the technology was discovered to the population and enabled for wide usage. Since then it has been improved many times and the result is the internet we are using today. Although Romania is a country which is quite far away from America it was one of the first to develop the internet technology. Cheap Digital Camera.

It is always good to know the story of computers and the internet, because it is very interesting and will give you a modest idea of how things looked in the past. One thing is for sure – no matter what people say about computer and internet technology, our normal daily life would be impossible without those two creations. They give us endless of opportunities for development, communication and even job. Nowadays you can do almost everything through the internet, like buy a car or even get a college degree, after, of course passing some classes and exams.