Earthquakes -Prepare for Catastrophes

It is indeed terrifying to be struck by catastrophe but when such a situation occurs we need a plan for immediate evacuation, provisions, communication, and transport to save the family. The children must know what to do in such situations or if they are too small they have to be reached. However, an efficient plan can be developed by having the necessary resources available all the time. The correct items have to be packed in your earthquake survival kit. Hence it is important to equip oneself with all the knowledge regarding relief during a crisis.

Certain areas are always synonymous with a particular kind of disaster, for instance Louisiana means hurricanes, or California means earthquakes. Hence identify the potential risks in your area such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, or man-made disasters such as chemical spills or a radiation leakage. Specific emergengy preparedness steps can then be taken.

Instant communication is of the utmost importance for you and your family may be at various places. Cell phones are the best means for this as you can reach everyone if you have a prepaid connection. Additionally, you can dial 9-1-1 in order to avail emergency help. However, the downside is that towers may not be available and coverage can be lost.Even if the cell phone is not available all members must have a prepaid phone card so that they can use some public booth. During a crisis it is important to keep trying to contact and not give up easily even if most of the phone lines may be busy. Another option in case all phones are down, is to send text messages which can get through even if the signal is not enough to call. Hence teach everyone how to send a text message.

Designate someone reliable from out of your hometown as a contact person in case of distressing situations. All the family members should get in touch with him and he will coordinate with you. All family members must know the name and other details of this contact person for first aid kit reviews.

One more alternative is to make use of hand held radios with which you and your family can communicate quickly. Always keep a walkie-talkie in your vehicles and always make sure to have some additional batteries with you so that you can charge it easily.  More at