Health Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

While there is no doubt that using a pressure cooker can be extremely convenient, did you know that there are an amazing number of health benefits to be derived from the use of pressure cookers? If you want to know what using a pressure cooker affects the nutritional value of your food, read on.

While food has been cooked in open pots and pans for ages, the fact remains that it is a very unhealthy way of cooking food. Firstly, a lot of water is required to cook the food, because some of it is constantly evaporating from the surface. What happens in this process is that a lot of the nutrients in food, especially the vitamins, get washed away in the water. Secondly, when food is cooked in rice steamers or in open pots and pans, they require to be cooked for a long period of time. This also results in a massive loss of nutrients in the foods. And, similarly, when cooking food is exposed to air, it loses a number of nutrients.

Now, when you cook the same food in the pressure cooker instead, all the nutrients stay within. To begin with, when the food is being pressure cooked, it needs minimal amount of water since there is no fear of evaporation. Secondly, when food is cooked in a pressure cooker, it cuts down on as much as 7-% of the cooking time. This means that the exposure to heat is also minimal. Finally, since the pressure cooker is a closed utensil, there is n fear of the food getting in contact with air, so there is no loss of nutrients in that fashion either. This means that when you cook your food in pressure cookers, most of the nutrients stay in the food and the nutritional value of the food is very high indeed.

What’s more is that cooking in the pressure cooker also helps with preserving the flavor of the food. Not just that, it also makes the food tender and softer, especially the meats, and hence promises to make a highly delectable meal.