Homemade Recipes for Killing Roaches

 Roaches are among home found vermin that can be disgusting. Buying pesticide to control these pests can be costly. However, here is a simple homemade recipe for killing roaches.

Bay leaves
These are leaves that are found in local supermarkets. These leaves are sold in whole. They are packed in bottles and stored in seasoned regions. When you get home, take the leaves out of the bottle and crush them using your hands. Alternatively, you can cut them into small pieces and then crush them in a bowl. Sprinkle the crushed leaflets in different places where there are roaches. These are dark corners of the house and in cupboards. These creatures will not be killed by these leaves but will be repelled by a disgusting effect created by these leaves. Roaches will move to another place away from the effect of those leaves.
The borax is another popular homemade recipe for killing cockroaches. It is used in ingredients of making soap. It is very effective in controlling cockroaches since it has detrimental effects on cockroaches. Take small amounts and sprinkle it in areas that are affected by cockroaches. Borax abrades the outer covering of the cockroaches. This makes it impossible for the cockroaches to stay alive as they lose a lot of water. After some time, they will finally die leaving your habitat free of vermin. However, it is important to note that it will take a minimum of 10 days for results to start appearing. This is so since the abrasion caused by borax is not that fast and the cockroaches will also take time before they come in contact with adequate amounts to cause reasonable effect.
Use of baking powder is another popular and fast homemade recipe for eliminating cockroaches fast. Take the baking powder and mix it with sugar and sprinkle the mixture in areas affected by cockroaches. Roaches will get attracted by the sugar. Once they fed on the mixture, baking powder causes digestion problems like gases that lead to the creatures dying.
Diatomaceous earth is a course substance that has fossil fuel constituents. It also has the effect of destroying the shell of the roaches making them to succumb to dehydration.