How to Clean and disinfect Dog Kennels

 A clean chain link dog kennel is necessary for not only the health but also the safety of your precious pet. If you allow your dog to sleep in a dirty kennel, it could develop health complications because of germs, which needless to mention will mean several trips to the vet. When you want to clean your dog kennel, you should select a sunny day and take it outside for a thorough disinfecting scrub down.

The best way to ensure that all germs and other disease-causing organisms die is to clean out a dog kennel using a bleach solution. This becomes all the more important as it will ensure the bacteria and germ are not transferred from one dog to another. Needless to mention, before you disinfect your kennel with the bleach solution, you need to remove everything. Transfer the dog to a clean kennel, and all the food dishes, toys, bedding and all objects have to be removed so that they can be cleaned and treated separately. Ensure you clean up and sweep the floor of hair and dirt, plus feces of course.

Using a hose, rinse off the floor and walls using clean hot water. Take one part bleach and make a solution with 32 parts water in a large container. This solution is strong enough to kill all bacteria and germs without irritating your dog’s eyes and airways. Take a scrub brush and use it to apply the bleach solution on every corner of the kennel, including all crevices and cracks that could be present. Remember that if you leave any spot untouched, it could continue spreading the bacteria and germs. A remote dog collar for training dogs let the solution rest for 30 minutes before you rinse off.

Using the same hose, rinse off all the surfaces in your dog kennel, and then take a clean towel and dry the floors sparingly. Take the rubber toys and food bowls and disinfect them using a dog-safe dish washing soap mixed in hot water and ensure you rinse off thoroughly using clean water. Once your dog kennel is dry, put back all the supplies, toys, and of course your dog.