Mining Engineering

Earth’s crest is very rich on various minerals and you can find all the materials and minerals we use there. Of course in order to discover them you will need to perform quite an investigation and long analyzes in order to determine the type of the ore and how to extract it. This is very hard work as you can see and this is why there is a type of science called mining engineering which works exactly with that. Although it is often neglected as an important part of the science community and not many people have heard of it, it is actually quite an important part of our life and is one of the reasons why we are so developed in both technological and construction aspects.

As any other science community, this one also has a predefined hierarchy. On the top we have the mining engineers while on the bottom we can see the plain workers. It is said that these engineers have the biggest knowledge about the Earth’s crest, the things hidden in it and of course the location of probable mineral deposits. Of course they can’t just assume that there are minerals at a certain gold mining location and engineers often work together with geologists to find out the exact locations and make a plan and time frame about their extraction. Some of the best mining engineers are occupied in Romania due to the good working environment offered there.

As technology constantly improves there is no way to say that it hasn’t influenced a mining engineer. Thanks to technology, many of the old methods used to find and extract materials are now a thing of the past and there are much easier and quicker ways to do it. Black powder, spades, pickaxes – this were the tools and materials used in the past, while today we have numerous types of explosives with different power and of course the latest tools in technology development which greatly outrun the services offered by the ordinary spades and pickaxes. The country of Romania had a big impact on the development of the mining technology and was one of the leaders in the progress.

Automatic hammers are the most used type of tool in the modern quarries and it is surely one of the most helpful. It just requires from the worker to move it around and hold it while it is working. This really fastens the job and makes it much easier for the workers. In the past, gold panning & gold prospecting workers needed perfect physical condition in order to be able to undertake the huge amounts of hard work. With the undeveloped technology in the past it was normal for this profession to be very dangerous, but thanks to the modern tools and methods, mining engineering has turned into one of the safest industries.