Preschool Mathematics Lessons

Preschool Lesson Plans for mathematics is one of the simplest and easiest ways to teach preschoolers in the course of day-to-day life. As preschoolers move in the course of a typical day, they encounter items of different sizes, shapes, and colors and also opportunities to practice basic addition, counting, as well as subtraction. Here are some mathematics preschool activities that will help you in teaching math skills to preschoolers.

Number Recognition
Preschoolers come across numbers everywhere they go in the world surrounding them, whether it is on the clock, on the calendar, microwave, product labels, grocery store, bathroom scale etc. As your child comes across numbers in their everyday life, you should point the numbers out. Help the child play with a hundreds chart or a teaching clock. Better still; provide the child with a colorful flashcard and then go ahead to help the child put the cards in order. You could also write numbers in rice, sand, pudding, shaving cream; finger paints etc and help her figure out the numbers.

Once you feel the child is ready enough, you can then proceed to teach her how to form numbers on paper and writing down simple addition and subtraction equations. If the child expresses any form of frustration or anxiety, you should slow down or even stop altogether until the child overcomes the frustration. You should ensure that the preschooler’s introduction to mathematics is as fun and as simple as possible.

There are several ways in which you can help you child practice counting. For starters, you could sing number songs such as This Old Man and 5 Little Ducks. Games like hide and go seek, hopscotch, chutes and Ladders are equally helpful when it comes to teaching a counting in preschool. You get to count the number of times you can hop without getting tired or spin without falling down.

Other simple counting activities include asking the child get the accurate number of cups for every family member; count the change to be put into a piggy bank or number of cans to be put on the grocery shopping cart. Never fret if your kid skips some numbers, because once you expose your kid long enough to counting, eventually they will master the numbers.