A Short History about Mexican Foods

Mexicans are known all over their world because of Mexican food. Many Americans today consume a lot of Mexican food without knowing. One amazing thing about Mexican cuisine is that it is rich and varied. They are also very spicy and have appealing appearances as well as tastes. The ingredients used are quite repetitive in most dishes yet the taste and texture will always vary. It is almost the only other known cuisine apart from the French cuisine.

Mexican cuisine is a blend of many cultures in Mexico including a bit of Indian dishes here and there. Among the indigenous Mexican food are corn and beans. In fact, most Mexican dishes contain either of the two. Both have complimentary amino acids which are necessary in body building. Lack of any of the two amino acids causes body malfunctioning because of improper protein synthesis. When put together, corn and beans provide full amino acids which neither of them can produce alone. They are the only two combinations that can provide full amino acids.
In 1520, Spaniards who settled in Mexico came along with animals that were not found in Mexico. They include chicken, goats, sheep and pigs they also brought olive oil, coriander, parsley and oregano, things that were not commonly found in Mexico. They started growing rice, barley, almonds, wheat and various fruit vegetables such as oranges, lettuce, potatoes just to name but a few. Interaction between Mexicans and Spanish brought forward Quesadillas. The Spanish are responsible for most of today’s Mexican foods.
Mexico has been divided into two distinct societies: upper and lower strata. These two strata have completely different eating habits as well as foods. The rich consume a lot of blended Mexican and Spanish foods while the poor still consume a lot of corn and beans. The only common thing is that they all eat a lot of chili sauce. However, Mexican food is slowly losing ground to more exotic foods. Some indigenous foods and drinks such as orange juice have lost their glory to sodas and so on. Many Mexicans today do not take a lot of hot sauce as they used to and are consuming a lot of n burgers and fast restaurant foods.