A Solution to Water Quality

 Water treatment helps solve the problem of water unavailability. Foul taste, unpleasant taste, bacterial colonies, chemical contamination, microorganism growth make water unsafe for use in residential and industrial areas. But water is not considered useless when these are the problems faced. At least not when water treatment is a viable option that can be used to get rid of all the aforementioned contaminants and actually purify it completely.
Color present in the water
Water is supposed to be clear, so any coloration indicates that the water is impure and contaminated. With tap water, one cannot always adequately conclude the cause of discoloration. The process of water treatment is done to perfection so that water leaving the plant is clear and pure. Contaminants are therefore most likely picked up in the plumbing that transports the water to your tap. But the water treatment process developing fault is not a consideration that should be disregarded completely.
Stains from water
Should the water you use in the house work leave some sort of residual stains on clothing and other items, then it indicates the presence of iron in considerable amounts in the water. The stains get deeper when the concentrations of iron in the water are elevated. But finding iron in water is rather rare owing to the treatment water undergoes to have it softened. Hard water is usually rich in minerals, and it’s undesired because of the resistance it has to soap.
Hardness of water
This is one of the things that have to be reduced before water is deemed good for drinking. Water with magnesium and calcium deposits is referred to as hard water. Most people use an ion exchange water softener to reduce water hardness. It is the most economical way of softening water. Hard water can create an outer layer on your utensils due to calcification.
Ensuring that you only use treated water for domestic use can go a long way in protecting yourself from waterborne diseases. This becomes more important when the water is meant for drinking because the body is highly sensitive to water with any kind of contaminant, however minor.