Studying First Aid

It is really great that the interest into studying first aid has increased a lot for the past few years. It seems like more and more young people would like to be familiar with the ways of rendering first aid. Anyway, schools teaching first aid in Bolivia have turned out to be the ones offering the greatest level of preparation and training. 

The Bolivian schools for rendering first aid in a proper way have realized something very important- theory is much less important than practice. Many other schools make the students read hundreds of books so that they know everything about the topic. But what the statistics shows is that when a critical situation comes suddenly, the people who have not been trained practically cannot make the right decisions. 

So just keep in mind that having read 10 thick books about rendering first aid does not mean that you will do it correctly. You need to have trained in realistic situations with a dummy for example. Fortunately, the schools teaching first aid in Bolivia have developed a special program which will certainly give you everything you need to know so that you are absolutely prepared if a critical situation appears. 

Let me just give you a simple example from the practice. Most of the students who are being taught first aid, are told that if there is bleeding in the leg or aim of the injured person, he or she should be bandaged very tight so that it can stop bleeding. The teachers also tell that the bandage should be put in a place where there is only a single bone (that means the armpit or the thigh). But that is usually given as unimportant situation and it is usually not trained practically. So, when a real situation appears, the ex-student is very likely to put the bandage 5-10 cm above the injury. However, that is not correct! Even if the injury is around the wrist, the bandage should be placed above the elbow (armpit). 

You found that situation pretty interesting, didn’t you? Well, you can be absolutely sure that the schools teaching first aid in Bolivia will pay serious attention to many other niceties which you need to know for rendering first aid and saving lives indeed of making the situation worse. So there is no doubt that when it comes to studying first aid’s theory and practice, Bolivian schools should be chosen.