What’s not to love about a salad

 It is doubtful that there is a person who does not like salads or does not have at least one favorite salad recipe. Yes, it is a fact that salads are one of the most loved dishes throughout the world.

In fact, nobody knows where the first recipes for salads originate from and it is not likely to be discovered as it is known that even the people in Rome tended to prepare special mix of vegetables and seasonings. Actually, there are guesses that the salads are one of the first dishes which people learned to prepare consciously. After all, in the beginning of our life on the Earth, the humans used to be vegetarians and did not consume meat.
So you are already aware of the fact that people who lived thousands of years ago also had their own way for preparing salads (a salad recipe). Of course, you should not think that it looks like the big and beautiful salads which we can consume nowadays. What we can call ‘salad’ 5000 years ago was a ‘bouquet’ of different vegetables, mainly leaves! It is not known whether or what our ancestors used for seasoning the salad but most probably, it was the juice from different fruits.
However, let’s get back to the question and try to answer the question “What’s not to love about the salads?” Is there really a thing which should make us not like and consume salads? Well, you may not be surprised but the truth is that such a thing or reason does not exist. Salads are not only delicious and tasty but they are also extremely good for our bodies. After all, they are able to sate anyone but at the same time, they do not have many calories. A salad recipe could become even better for our health if some special steps are taken: avoid oil and use olive, do not use meat and so on.
To sum up, salads are really a great dish and if you want to be health and happy, you should not hesitate to consume salad at least once a day as the first of your meals.